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All students requesting transfer from an ACPE-accredited professional degree program who are in good standing in their current professional program are required to apply to the professional program in writing by stating the reasons for transfer, and by providing both transcripts of their progress in the original ACPE-accredited College of Pharmacy and detailed descriptions of each course successfully completed. Transfer request should be made to

These materials are reviewed by the Admissions Committee and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for admission, transfer credit, and course-waiver appropriateness. For students desiring to transfer from a college or school with nontraditional curricular pathways; e.g., an ACPE-accredited baccalaureate in pharmacy program, admission criteria and transfer of credits are evaluated on an individualized basis.

All decisions to waive a requisite course are based on a rigorous and sound assessment of the professional competencies that may have been obtained through continuing pharmacy education, previous pharmacy experience, and other relevant postgraduate education and training. The Admissions Committee makes a determination of admittance to the program. If the student is admitted, the final determination of admittance to the program is made by The Graduate School, whereby students are notified of their acceptance in writing.