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Get to know the College of Pharmacy

The L. S. Skaggs Jr. Research Building was completed in 2016. This premier research and teaching facility is connected to the existing L.S. Skaggs Hall (School of Pharmacy). Together, they are the L. S. Skaggs Pharmacy Institute.

The Skaggs Research Building is connected to Skaggs Hall by an impressive four-story atrium. The atrium itself houses elevators, connections between buildings at each level and a variety of gathering spaces. 

Two thirds of the new building is devoted to laboratories, animal facilities, support spaces and office/conference room clusters associated with particular research emphases. The remainder houses computer and conference space associated with non-laboratory research. 

Watch the video to the right for an in depth tour of the L. S. Skaggs Pharmacy Institute and the surrounding area. 

Doctors Karen Wilcox and Dan Witt take you on a tour of the College of Pharmacy and the adjacent buildings frequented by our pharmacy students. Get familiar with the area and the resources available to our students.