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 With recent advances in genomics, interactions between the biological and mathematical sciences are more crucial than ever. Analysis and interpretation of large and complex genomic datasets requires interdisciplinary expertise. The goal of the faculty in this sub-specialty of pharmacology is to address leading edge questions by developing and applying genetic, genomic and computational approaches.  By using this integrated approach, we can meet the challenges of modern biology and medicine.
The program emphasizes merging pharmacology and genomics to address questions related to disease treatment. Accordingly, our faculty interests, and graduate research opportunities, includes areas advances in strategies for treating cancer patients, understanding how chronic inflammation and environmental exposures increase the risk for cancer development, and investigating the pathological processes that occurs in many cardiovascular diseases and how to best treat these processes.


Christopher A. Reilly, Ph.D.

Director, Center for Human Toxicology

Dr. Donald Blumenthal

Dr. Philip Moos