Frequently Asked Questions


How many students do you accept per application cycle?

We accept 60 students per class, and begin once per year during the fall semester.

Do I need to take the PCAT?

Applicants that apply without a bachelor’s degree are required to take the PCAT for the 2019-2020 cycle. There is no minimum PCAT score required, although it will be reviewed as a whole with the student's application. Applicants that have received their bachelor’s degree can use that degree in place of the PCAT score.

Do I need to have my Bachelor’s Degree?

You do not need to have your Bachelor’s Degree, provided you have completed the following:

  • Your general education requirements
  • The prerequisite requirements

Please note that if you wish to apply for the PharmD/PhD pathway, you must have your Bachelor’s Degree.

Which GPA scores do you consider?

We calculate a GPA using the prerequisite courses required for our program, and your overall undergraduate GPA.

What is a competitive PCAT score?

The minimum score you must achieve on the PCAT score is a 65. However, the average score for the last admitted class was a 74.

What is a competitive Bachelor’s Degree GPA?

Your overall Bachelor’s Degree GPA must be a minimum of 3.0. However, the average GPA for the last few admitted classes has been a 3.5.

How many hours of volunteer work must I have to be competitive?

We do not have a set minimum for volunteer hours, as we value consistent and ongoing volunteer work over a certain number of hours. An applicant with consistent volunteer work [post high school] demonstrates compassion and concern for the community.

Do I need to be a licensed pharmacy technician to apply for admission to the College of Pharmacy?

Pharmacy experience is very valuable and highly recommended prior to applying; however you do not need to be a pharmacy technician in order to apply. Some other ways of getting pharmacy experience is through job shadowing or working as a clerk. If for whatever reason you cannot get direct pharmacy experience, a position [paid or unpaid] that involves patient exposure is also valuable.

Does the University of Utah have a Pre-Pharmacy club?

Yes, we have a wonderful Pre-Pharmacy club that meets about once per month throughout the fall and spring semesters. For more information, please email the current offers at

Do you accept out-of-state students? Are those students at a disadvantage compared to in-state students?

Yes, we accept out-of-state students. Out-of-state students are not at any particular disadvantage, as state of residency is not a factor for admission.

Do you accept international students?

Yes, international students may be admitted to the University of Utah College of Pharmacy under the same requirements as domestic students, with the following additions to their application:

  • A translation of any and all coursework completed outside the United States by World Education Services [WES]. The translation MUST be a complete translation of coursework, not just a degree translation and it MUST be completed by WES.
  • A TOEFL exam [with a minimum score of 80iBT] or IELTS exam [with a minimum score of 6.5].

Do you accept transfer students?

It is rare, but we will accept transfer students provided they are willing to comply with all of our policies and procedures. The Graduate School may only accept up to 6 transfer credits, and so transfer students may be required to start over at the beginning of the P1 year.

Students interested in transferring will be asked to submit information to the Student Affairs department and the Dean of Student Affairs, who may verify all materials and pass them along to the Admissions Committee for a final review and vote. Information to be submitted includes, but is not limited to, reason for requesting a transfer, a current resume or CV, undergraduate transcripts, current PharmD program transcripts, course syllabi for any PharmD courses completed, and PCAT exam score [if applicable].

Do I need to have all my prerequisites done before I apply?

No, you may have up to three outstanding prerequisites in the spring semester after you apply. For example, if you apply in Fall of 2017 to begin in the fall of 2018, you may have three prerequisites pending in the Spring of 2018. Your grades for these courses MUST be submitted no later than July 1st. If you are given an offer to join the class before your prerequisite grades are posted, that offer will be contingent on your completing the course with a passing grade.

Does my Bachelor’s Degree need to be complete before I apply?

No, your graduation with your Bachelor’s Degree may be pending in the spring semester after you apply.

Do you accept prerequisite courses taken at a community college?

Courses may be taken at any REGIONALLY ACCEREDITED institution. If a community college near you is regionally accredited, then we are likely to accept courses taken at that institution.

I don’t know if a certain course will satisfy a prerequisite requirement, what should I do?

If the courses are the same in title as our prerequisites, then they are most likely the same courses and should qualify. If you are unsure of a course [for example, your school offers an “Comprehensive Vertebrate Anatomy” course and you want to know if that will count for “Human Anatomy”], please send a course description or syllabus to PharmD.Admissions@pharm.utah.eduand we will submit the question to the Admissions Committee for approval

Can I take an Anatomy/Physiology combined course instead of two separate courses?

You may take two semesters of an Anatomy/Physiology combined course instead of taking one semester of Anatomy and one semester of Physiology.

My school is on a quarter system, how does that effect the prerequisites I need to take?

  • If our prerequisite is for one semester of a subject [i.e. 1 semester of Microbiology, or Microbiology I] you must take a course of the subject that is 4-6 credit hours [i.e. 1 Microbiology course that is 4-6 credit hours]
  • If our prerequisite is for one year of a subject [i.e. 2 semesters of General Chemistry or General Chemisty I & II] you must take 2 quarters of the subject that are both 4-6 credit hours [i.e. 2 quarters of General Chemistry or General Chemistry I, II where each course is 4-6 credit hours]

What grade must I receive in my prerequisite courses for them to qualify?

All prerequisite courses must be passed with a C or better (a C- is not considered a passing grade).

If I need to re-take a prerequisite course, which grade will you accept?

  • We will always take the 2nd grade.
  • For example: a course is taken three times [1st attempt = D; 2nd attempt = C-; 3rd attempt = B] we will note that the prerequisite requirement was fulfilled by the third attempt [B grade], but will use the 2nd attempt [C- grade] when calculating the prerequisite GPA.

Where can I find tuition and/or financial aid information?

To assist you with your financial planning and to view tuition and fees for fall semester, please go to the University of Utah Income Accounting & Student Loan Services webpage: Books will be in addition to the tuition and fees listed here

Are there scholarships available?

We currently offer a Dean’s Top-Ten Scholarship for applicants who rank in the top-ten of our applicant pool after interviews, Legacy scholarships (for students whose parents or grandparents attended the University of Utah College of Pharmacy), and a new scholarship is available to the 10 highest ranked out-of-state students in the top 50% of the applicant pool which will allow cover the difference between nonresident and resident tuition and fees during the first year in the PharmD program. Additionally, there are scholarships available to top students who submit their applications early in the cycle. These are offered on a case-by-case basis.

To learn more about scholarships, visit our Financial Aid page.

Do you assist with housing?

Our program does not directly assist with housing, and students are encouraged to find their own place to live in the Salt Lake City area. For more information, please contact the University of Utah Housing Office.

Does your program require me to own any specific technological tools?

  • Yes, students are required to bring their own computer systems for academic use.
  • A tablet is acceptable for note-taking; however, a laptop is required to take Pharmacy Curriculum Outcomes Assessment (PCOA) exam electronically. Tablets are not compatible with this testing system; regardless of brand or operating system.
  • We don't have a preferred manufacturer to recommend, but due to new HIPPA requirements, all student computers/tablets require data encryption (more information about this will be provided during Orientation). It has been our experience that older Mac systems are much less compatible than PCs
  • Please keep in mind the following potential issues:
    • Make sure the computer has a current supported operating system, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Mac OS/X Mavericks. (Windows XP, Windows 98, NT and Mac OS 9 are not recommended nor are supported at the University of Utah)
    • Wireless Network capable (b/g/n, WPA2 compliant).
    • You are responsible to back-up your data, either by encrypted USB Memory Stick or an encrypted External Hard Drive system.
    • An encrypted USB Memory Stick will be provided for students at orientation.

Do you require a deposit? If so, how much?

Yes, the deposit is $2000. To hold your place in the class you can send an initial deposit of $500. You will be required to send the remaining $1500 of the deposit no later than April 15 after your initial offer has been made. This deposit will be applied to your first semester’s tuition

What forms of payment will you accept for the deposit?

Personal check, cashiers check, money order, or online deposit.

What must I have done before I can bring my internship license paperwork in to be signed?

  • All prerequisite courses must be complete and documentation provided (official transcripts sent directly to the Graduate school – unofficial copies to Student Affairs is sufficient).
  • All health and immunization requirements must be complete and documentation uploaded in RxPreceptor [includes a two-step TB skin test, MMR, Varicella, Hepatitis B, and tetanus-Diphtheria with Pertussis].
  • Your background check must be completed and uploaded [in PDF form ONLY] to RxPreceptor.

Do I need to wait for my intern license to process before applying for internships?

No, in fact as soon as you have been admitted into the College of Pharmacy, you should begin searching for and applying to internship programs. Tell them your internship license is in process.

The Hepatitis B series takes a while to complete; do I really have to have it done prior to my license being signed?

No, but a student must provide documentation of starting the three-shot series. The series MUST be completed within the first year of the program.

The TB immunization requirement states I must have it done within two months of the date of admission, what does that mean?

If a two-step TB skin test has not been completed in the past 12 months, two separate two-step TB skin tests must be completed within 2 months of admittance. The second two-step TB skin test must be placed no sooner than 7 days after the first two-step TB skin test was placed.

Students may be required to get one two-step TB skin test done on an annual basis.
If student has had a prior positive TB test, student must provide documentation of a negative chest x-ray completed within 3 years of admittance.

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