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Dr. Brixner Starts One-Year Sabbatical

On July 1, 2020 Dr. Brixner will begin a one year sabbatical as a Visiting Scholar of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) to further develop their research agenda. She will work with the CEO, Susan Cantrell, the AMCP Foundation, the Research Committee, the Biological Biosimilar Collective Information Consortium (BBCIC) and liaison with other professional societies supporting AMCP research.

Upon the conclusion of her time as a Visiting Scholar with AMCP, she hopes to bring the learnings to other leaders of professional pharmacy associations. “Through my former AMCP presidency, I participated on the Joint Commission of Pharmacy Practitioners, which consists of the executive directors and volunteer leaders of 13 professional pharmacy associations. I plan to present to this group further sound research principles in generating evidence to support the profession of pharmacy.”

Dr. Brixner will be spending 60% of her time as a Visiting Scholar and the remaining 40% supporting her ongoing research.  She will be based in Utah with frequent visits to Alexandria, VA at the offices of the AMCP and other professional pharmacy organizations.

Diana Brixner Headshot