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  • Dr. Eric Schmidt Honored With Distinguished Professor Award

Dr. Eric Schmidt Honored With Distinguished Professor Award

Mar 17, 2021

Dr. Eric Schmidt Honored With Distinguished Professor Award

Our very own Dr. Eric Schmidt of the Medicinal Chemistry department has been awarded the Distinguished Professor Award. This prestigious award goes to professors who excel in research or creative work, are dedicated to teaching both in the classroom and on an individual level, and who are committed to the service of their profession. In the past 170 years less than 200 of these awards have been given by the University of Utah.

His innovation, hard work, and dedication have earned him many awards and funding to further his research. Dr. Schmidt’s laboratory “examines the chemistry of ecological interaction. We use methods such as metagenomics and biochemistry to ask who makes the important compounds, whether symbiotic bacteria, the animal itself, or other organism. We ask how the compounds are built, uncovering new types of biochemical reactions and enzymes.”

Dr. Darrell Davis, Chair of the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, says Dr. Schmidt “has the innate ability to make observations and quickly recognize their application to unrelated ideas or completely new innovations. This uncanny ability has allowed him to be out in front, pioneering new research directions.”

When asked how he felt upon being nominated for and receiving this award Dr. Schmidt said, “What I felt is an immense amount of gratitude. This award really reflects the support of the faculty of the university, for which I am grateful, and I hope that I can support my colleagues properly in return.”

Congratulations Dr. Schmidt! This honor is well deserved!

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