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$1.3 Million Award Given to College of Pharmacy Researchers

Apr 28, 2021

The research being funded will analyze the underutilization of patientWarfarin is a prescription given to people who are experiencing an increased risk of blood clots. Warfarin won't dissolve blood clots but, by interfering with normal blood clotting, it keeps blood clots from increasing in size and moving to other parts of the body. This way the body can naturally dissolve the blood clot over time.

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Strict management, including regular blood tests to evaluate the intensity of anticoagulation (called the INR) and frequent warfarin dose adjustments, is needed to make sure the clotting interference doesn't exceed a certain level and lead to severe bleeding.

Dr. Dan Witt, Principal Investigator for this project explains, "In the US, patients receiving warfarin therapy are rarely allowed to engage in patient self-management (PSM) which is less burdensome, less expensive, and safer than standard clinician-directed warfarin management. National and international evidence-based guideline panels strongly recommend PSM over other warfarin management methods for appropriate patients because it improves INR control, cuts risk of thrombosis and death by half without increasing bleeding risk, and increases patient satisfaction and quality of life. The reasons behind PSM underutilization in US settings have not been systematically assessed and validated. The research funded by this award will address this knowledge gap and provide foundational information for increasing PSM utilization within the US healthcare system."

Researchers from the College of Pharmacy include Dan Witt (PI), Dan Malone (Co-I), Nathorn Chaiyakunapruk (Co-I), Stacey Slager (Co-I) and Sara Vazquez (Co-I). Other University of Utah researchers include Jordan King, Jacob Kean, and Aubrey Jones from Population Health Sciences at the School of Medicine.

In addition to the University of Utah Thrombosis Clinic, the following sites will also be participating in the research. Brigham and Women’s Hospital, University of Michigan, Tennessee Valley Health Authority VA Healthcare System, and VA Loma Linda Healthcare System.

The award, given by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, is for $1.3 million over three years.