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Congratulations Sakil Syeed

Congratulations Sakil Syeed – Skaggs Fellowship Recipient

Sakil Syeed is an incoming fourth-year PhD student at the department of pharmacotherapy college of pharmacy, working in Dr. Chaiyakunapruk’s lab. The broad focus of his research is to assess the value of health technologies and generate real-world evidence by applying outcomes research to inform policy decision-making in health care. For instance, he has been utilizing a novel method to summarize economic evaluation studies of different therapeutic areas, including pneumococcal vaccines, thrombosis, and bronchial asthma, to generate quantitative evidence. His dissertation project focuses on measuring the value of innovation from patients' and providers' perspectives. The goal is to estimate what attributes are most important to patients and providers and what is their willingness to pay to obtain innovation. His PhD work might help policymakers recognize the value of innovation and foster future development through appropriate reimbursement, thus ensuring rapid patient access to innovation benefits. He has also been actively involved in generating real-world effectiveness by utilizing data from clinical practices such as electronic health record databases and claims databases.

Sakil Syeed