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  • Kenechukwu Ben-Umeh Wins Summer Internship Competition

Kenechukwu Ben-Umeh Wins Summer Internship Competition

Pharmacotherapy PhD Student, Kenechukwu Ben-Umeh, Wins Award in Summer Internship Competition

Kenechukwu Ben-Umeh (Kene), a second-year PhD student in the Pharmacotherapy Outcomes Research program, is currently attending a summer internship at Novo Nordisk. Novo Nordisk is a Danish multinational pharmaceutical company focusing on the treatment of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, obesity, hemophilia, and growth disorders. Kene is currently working on a project evaluating racial representation in real-world data sources. He is using the NHANES dataset as a guide to what the US epidemiology for diabetes looks like, then comparing the in-house data at Novo Nordisk against it to see if they meet up with good racial representation. The goal is to establish a baseline framework across different therapeutic areas and use it as a guide moving forward whenever a real-world study is being designed within Novo Nordisk Inc (NNI).

Kene competed in the Novo Nordisk North American Innovation in Action Case Competition in July, 2022. This involved 92 interns from diverse backgrounds divided into 14 teams of 6-7 interns each. They worked on proffering an innovative and creative business solution to a real-life case in Novo Nordisk with the aim of supporting the company's goal to drive change in the management of obesity. Kene and his team won the competition, as their business solution stood out amongst all the other teams. Congratulations Kene!