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Department Renamed Molecular Pharmaceutics

Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Name Changed to Molecular Pharmaceutics

The Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry will now be known as The Department of  Molecular Pharmaceutics! 

In 2021 the Department faculty voted on a name change from Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry to Molecular Pharmaceutics. The name Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry department was coined and approved in the early 1990s at a time when a significant number of faculty in the department focused on the physical chemistry and stability of pharmaceutical compounds in formulations. Since then the nature of our discipline as well as research in our department has evolved to include aspects such as antibody conjugates, vaccines and biologics, gene and cell delivery systems, molecular biology tools to develop novel drug carriers, better understanding of the biological barriers (tissue, cellular and subcellular levels), interface of materials with biology as it relates to drug delivery, and attempts for clinical translation of such technologies that require molecular, cellular, organ and whole body level understanding of barriers for successful drug delivery to the target site. 

We are excited to begin the Fall 2022 semester as The Department of Molecular Pharmaceutics!