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Lim Lab Publication in Biomolecules

Jan 13, 2023

Lim Lab Publication in Biomolecules

Congratulations to Ph.D student Bryce Wallis, postdoctoral researcher Katherine Redd Bowman, Ph.D graduate Phong Lu, and Professor Dr. Carol Lim for their publication “The Challenges and Prospects of p53-Based Therapies in Ovarian Cancer” in Biomolecules! This review paper discusses a selection of historical p53-targeted therapeutics for ovarian cancer, why they failed, and what the future could hold for a new generation of this class of therapies.

The publication is Bryce’s first first-author review.

Carol Lim, Bryce Wallis, Katherine Redd Bowman, Phong Lu
Clockwise from top left: Dr. Carol Lim, PhD Student Bryce Wallis, Dr. Phong Lu, Dr. Katherine Redd Bowman