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Chuang Zhang Awarded a Fellowship

Chuang Zhang Awarded a Shurl and Kay Curci Foundation Fellowship

Congratulations to Molecular Pharmaceutics Ph.D student Chuang Zhang for his Shurl and Kay Curci Foundation Fellowship!

The Shurl and Kay Curci Foundation Fellowship was established in 2022 with a two-year pilot beginning with a cohort of incoming PhD students in the 2022-2023 academic year. The Foundation is partnering with the University of Utah to support students pursuing PhDs in life sciences, prioritizing two groups that have been historically overlooked for financial support: women and international students. The Curci fellowship provides each recipient with two years of graduate school funding (stipend, graduate tuition, and health insurance).

Chuang received a MS degree in Pharmaceutics and a BS degree in Pharmacy, both from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, China. He is a 3-time recipient of the First Prize Scholarship—twice for undergraduate studies and once for graduate studies. In addition to his scholastic excellence, Chuang is a highly accomplished researcher. His training with Profs. Zhonggui He and Yongjun Wang has equipped him with a solid foundation in pharmaceutical research. To date, Chuang has co-authored research articles in high-impact journals such as Advanced Science and Nano Letters, with more first-authored manuscripts that are in preparation.

Chuang is passionate about bridging preclinical and clinical pharmaceutics development to fight cancer. In the Lu lab, he will focus on developing state-of-the-art analytic technologies to harness the rich information carried by extracellular vesicles. These technologies will facilitate the monitoring of tissue and disease-specific signatures in blood and the engineering of biomimetic drug delivery solutions. Chuang’s long-term goal is to detect and treat the most elusive cancers in humans.

Chuang Zhang
Chuang Zhang