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Advanced COVID-19 Lung Research in Cell Reports

Dr. Alphonsus Ng, Dr. Yue Lu, and Huiqian Hu published in Cell Reports

Congratulations to Dr. Alphonsus Ng (Biomedical Engineering), Huiqian Hu (Molecular Pharmacetuics Ph.D student), and Dr. Yue Lu (Molecular Pharmaceutics) for their new paper in Cell Reports!

Ever wondered why COVID-19 mostly affects the lungs, even though the virus is everywhere in the body? Their research highlights the role of mucosal lymphoid tissues and offers an analytical framework that could aid in future COVID studies and beyond. Check it out here!

Dr. Al Ng, Dr. Yue Lu, Huiqian Hu
Dr. Alphonsus Ng, Huiqian Hu, and Dr. Yue Lu