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Welcoming Dr. Taslim Al-Hilal

Molecular Pharm

The Department of Molecular Pharmaceutics would like to welcome Dr. Taslim Al-Hilal as a faculty member beginning January 1, 2024. He has joined as Associate Professor of Molecular Pharmaceutics and Biomedical Engineering (joint appointment).

Dr. Al-Hilal obtained his PhD degree in 2014 from the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Seoul National University, South Korea. He then did postdoctoral training at Texas Tech and Mass General Hospital. In 2019 he started his independent faculty position at the University of Texas El-Passo in the Department of Pharmaceutical Science before moving to Utah. 

Dr. Al-Hilal has published over 40 research articles. Current projects in his lab are focusing to understand: 1) Role of a prion-like protein Doppel in tumor microenvironment and progression; 2) Role of tumor-coagulome in immunosuppression; 3) Ovarian cancer disparity and heterogeneity using an ascitic-fluid derived organoid model; and 4) Cell-specific Durotaxis (cells movement up against stiffness gradient) in fibrotic lung diseases.