Out-of-State Rotations



  • The student must not be on probation.
  • You are responsible for ALL costs (no housing or fuel reimbursements).
  • All site-specific requirements must be met (may include paperwork, employment verification, drug testing, etc.)
  • Obtain an intern license in the appropriate state and upload into CORE ELMS at least 6 weeks before the start of rotation.
  • Obtain proof of liability insurance and upload into CORE ELMS at least 6 weeks before the start of rotation.
  • The Clinical Training Agreement (negotiated by EE Team and Site) must be in place before March 1st of your P3 year.


To initiate an Out-of-State Rotation

  • Email or discuss your intentions with the EE Team.  We can help you find already established sites or preceptors if needed.
  • When you have selected your site, email contact information for your site and/or preceptor to Experiential.Education@pharm.utah.edu
  • EE Team will work with your site to develop a Clinical Training Agreement, which must be in place prior to the Lottery.
  • EE Team will work with your preceptor to make them an official University of Utah COP preceptor.



Insurances Needed for Out-of-State Rotations

Health Insurance- provided by the student

Professional Liability Insurance- provided by the student, link to more information HERE

Workers Compensation Insurance- provided by the University (automatically provided to students who are residents of Utah while in school)

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