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Out-of-State Rotations


  • The student must not be on probation.
  • You are responsible for ALL costs (no housing or fuel reimbursements).
  • Students will be responsible for coordinating with the preceptor to discuss and meet all of the site-specific requirements (may include paperwork, employment verification, drug testing, etc.)
  • Obtain an intern license in the appropriate state and upload into CORE ELMS at least 6 weeks before the start of rotation.
  • Obtain proof of liability insurance and upload into CORE ELMS at least 6 weeks before the start of rotation.
  • The Clinical Training Agreement (negotiated by EE Team and Site) must be in place before March 1st of your P3 year.

To initiate an Out-of-State Rotation

  • Email or discuss your intentions with the EE Team.  We can help you find already established sites or preceptors if needed.
  • Complete the OOS APPE Request Form and email it to by September 1st of your P3 year. At this time you should have confirmation from the preceptor that they are willing to take you.
  • EE Team will work with your site to develop a Clinical Training Agreement, which must be in place prior to the Lottery.
  • EE Team will work with your preceptor to make them an official University of Utah COP preceptor.

Insurances Needed for Out-of-State Rotations

  • Health Insurance
    • Provided by the student
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
    • Provided by the University (automatically provided to students who are residents of Utah while in school)