Drug Regimen Review Center

The College of Pharmacy at the University of Utah began operating its Drug Regimen Review Center in partnership with the Utah State Department of Health in May 2002 in order to improve the safety and efficacy of drug use in Medicaid patients, reduce the number of prescriptions and drug costs for frequent utilizers of the Medicaid drug program, and to support and educate the medical professionals who prescribe to utilizers of the program.

Each month, a group of patients is selected for review by a team of clinically trained pharmacists. These reviews result in recommendations made to all prescribers of medications related to identified drug therapy problems, and include a list of drugs dispensed during the month of review. The Drug Regimen Review Center also provides information and consultation by telephone with prescribers and pharmacists.

The two primary functions of the Drug Regimen Review Center are:

1. To support the Utah Medicaid Drug Utilization Review (DUR) Board and Pharmacy & Therapeutics (PT) Committee by researching and reviewing targeted drug classes and individual agents, and

2. To review the drug therapy of Medicaid patients who are frequent utilizers of the Medicaid prescription drug program, or who are otherwise determined to be at high risk for drug related problems and high medical costs, and to work with the individual prescribers to provide the safest, highest-quality pharmacotherapy at the lowest cost possible.

Joanne LaFleur, PharmD, MSPH
Associate Professor

Director, Utah Medicaid Drug Regimen Review Center

Utah Department of Health Medicaid / Drug Regimen Review Center

Utah Medicaid Drug Regimen Review Center

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