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First Year Free


How this innovative program came to fruition with Dean Peterson

Program Summary

We are delighted to announce the University of Utah College of Pharmacy’s First Year Free Program. Beginning in 2023, students entering the program from everywhere will have the opportunity to take advantage of this unique initiative.

Through the contributions of generous donors and with the support of the University, every accepted student will receive a scholarship that covers their full first-year tuition.  This is NOT a deferred payment plan. As the name implies, every accepted member of our PharmD program, who start their first semester in the Fall of 2023, will receive a full-tuition scholarship. Please note: This does not include housing, food, or other non-tuition expenses.

This new scholarship program will increase both the access and affordability of pharmacy education and allow our first-year students to focus on their studies and overall college experience at the U, with fewer financial stresses.

If you are considering pharmacy school and would like to learn more about First Year Free, please contact us for more information!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for First Year Free?
The First Year Free program will provide full-tuition coverage of the first year (P1) for every student accepted into the PharmD program at the College of Pharmacy. This includes in-state and out-of-state students alike.
Who’s the best resource for more information regarding this program?
Our dedicated Dean’s Office Administration and Student Affairs staff are on standby to answer any more questions you may have. Please send us an email to, visit our full contact information page, or call a member of our student affairs team today.
What’s the benefit for students heading into P2, P3, and P4?
By increasing the overall access and affordability of The College of Pharmacy’s PharmD program to first-year students, we expect to increase the quality, diversity, and overall number of students attending the school you already call home. This will, in turn, provide more alumni of the school for future career opportunities and connections, as well as improve the reputation of the program, benefitting prior and current students alike.

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